"Jenny's classes are always good fun but effective.  Jenny uses her wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide targeted workouts for all her classes and personal training. She competently adjusts exercises to target individual needs and always makes the hard work fun and enjoyable. "


Pilates Stretches

"Who knew yoga could be so rewarding!  Initially a sceptic, I had one trial session and was completely converted.  Jenny works you super hard but it's totally worth it.  Her fitness yoga is definitely the most rewarding exercise I do."


"Jenny's yoga complements my other (more manly!) sports really well, helping with general strength, core, posture and flexibility, and is a comprehensive workout. I used to suffer lower back pain and the odd injury, the yoga has kept that at bay. The PT session is great for working on a particular area or target - i.e. legs for ski fitness. Would definitely recommend."